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Cheat Your Way Thin Review: Cheat Day Diet Plan Program

Cheat Your Way Thin ReviewCheat Your Way Thin Diet System has been getting a lot of attention lately as many fitness experts have recommended it as a great and fun way to lose weight. But what is the true nature of this program and does it really work?

This health and diet program is created by Joel Marion, the former Body for Life Champion. It is a program that was used to beat more than 1,000 other fitness experts in the competition. He has organized his entire program into a simple system eBook that can be downloaded over the Internet. It is a complete fat and weight loss system that anyone can use to boost their body’s fat burning and transform their body easily.

This diet plan system is based on "strategic cheating", a term that coined by Joel. This method is simple and what it really means is that you’re allowed to have your favorite foods (ice-creams, pasta, pizza, steaks), as long as you do it in moderation and by following specific guidelines that Joel provided. This guideline is what he came out after observing after more than 300 medical research studies and countless real life coaching with clients.

This method will help you to enjoy your food more and stick to your weight loss plan for as long as you need to. However, it is advisable to have a planned dieting program because our body learns our eating habits very fast. Enjoying your favorite food is the most rewarding part during dieting and Joel has thought about this psychological attack deeply. Nevertheless, an important one.

So "Strategic Eating" is basically manipulating your body’s way of working to help your metabolism remain running high and burn more calories faster. You need to work along with the body, not against it and this is what the regular diet system does.

Cheat Your Way Thin Diet

Does Cheat Your Way Thin Really Work?

For the Cheat Your Way Thin Program, you are basically going to change the way you eat. The program consists of three phases- the priming, core, and maintenance phases. And, he mentions three types of days, which will determine the kinds of foods you’ll eat. You start off with the priming phase that lasts 3 weeks. This will help your body adjust to the program. Then, you move to the core phase which you can continue until you lose the weight you want. Each week he allows a Cheat Day where you can eat pretty much whatever you want. The core phase has a standard week option, although there are other options you can take depending on the type of foods you consume better. Finally, once you’ve lost enough weight, you can go to the maintenance phase to keep the weight off. The maintenance phase is more open in terms of foods you can eat.

What cheating gives you is a way to enjoy your fat loss program in a way which makes it simple to stick to it for a long time. You still need to eat healthy, fresh, and lean food most of the time, but as Joel Marion discovered, “cheating” can actually help your body to burn off fat even faster than if you would have avoided your favorite foods altogether.

Is The Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Program A Scam?

Cheat Your Way Thin Diet is much discussed at the moment and the general consensus seems to be that it is far more effective than regular diets since it’s coordinates with the body to take advantage of it’s natural fat burning characteristics and you don’t stave yourself. It is also considered to be fun since you can eat so many of your favourite foods such as burgers, ice cream, fries and other foods that are normally banned in regular diets.

This diet plan certainly serves up a dish of refreshing ideas and a program that stands out by going against conventional approaches to dieting. The cheat day is there for good reason as it effectively tricks your body into a state of readiness for rapid weight loss. For anyone following the diet it will also serve as a welcome weekly break to the intensity of this diet plan. Cheat Your Way Thin certainly isn’t a fad diet program, so it’s ideally suited to those that want to seriously lose weight and follow a plan that requires a degree of work and discipline to achieve their target weight.

Cheat Your Way Thin is extremely recommended and comes with numerous optimistic testimonials. It is an simple to adhere to system which comes with a great deal of materials you are able to use to drop as much weight while you need and maintain them back. Joel Marion did a good career in generating a plan that has video, audio, and reading supplies to actually provide you with what you’ll want to shed excess weight. I suggest this system even for folks who attempted to drop excess weight in the previous and failed. It is a enjoyable way to diet.

Cheat Your Way Thin Download


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