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How To Lose Fat Not Muscle

When attempting to lose weight we get ourselves accustomed to working out regularly in order to boost our metabolism, be more energized and mainly lose weight.

But not all of us make the distinction between losing weight and losing fat.

In average, 25%-30% of the female (30%-35% for males) body weight is muscle, so if you lose muscle you will definitely see it as lost weight, but is it what you want?

Of course not, you want to lose fat, you want to lose the belly and to make your thighs thinner.

You need to be aware of this possibility and adjust your workout to suit these goals.

So, what exactly should you do?

Tip #1 – try to never be hungry, when the body is used to not being hungry it knows it doesn’t need to store a lot of energy and so it can burn most of the fat and not to feed on muscle to provide the energy necessary for your workout.

Tip #2 – Don’t do your workouts when you are tired, when your body is weaker it is automatically in storage mode, meaning it will feel a lot less compelled to let go of its fat and go use muscle as it’s less important right now.

Don’t get me wrong, if you decide to ignore this tip you will still feel some of the wanted effects of your workout but it will be less than half effective, in other words: a waste of time and energy

Tip #3 – Eat right, well, I’m not going to plan your diet for you but I can say this: your workout depends on your energy and your energy depends on what you eat.

Yes, I’m sure you got that a long time ago…

What I want you to do is take into account the effects of different foods on your short and long term energy, for example: if you eat pasta which is a good complex carbohydrates source 1-2 hours before your workout, your body will have a lot more energy to use.

If you eat chocolate before you exercise you will get a quick energy boost which will also quickly go away.

Eating right before and after exercises is not only about your energy, your body need a good amount of glycogen (a sugar) to use for burning fat after the first minutes of an exercise, which means if you don’t have enough glycogen in your body (AKA working out without sufficient "energy") your body will refuse to burn fat and will try to avoid it as much as possible.

So, check your diet menu and place your workout time where it will be most effective and most rewarding.


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