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Tacfit Commando Review: How To Build Muscle Without Weights

The TacFit Commando program incorporates all those variables that are essential for a successful fitness program. In fact, this is a well conceived and planned fitness program that incorporates various movement patterns that ensure great results that people will love.

Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Review is a bodyweight program that is designed exclusively to get you into peak physical condition. Now, this sounds pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, it certainly is not that simple though. Getting people into peak physical condition and maintaining fitness levels; avoiding injuries and over training are an entirely different matter.

Perform in Extreme Conditions

There are many programs that can get you into top physical condition very quickly but there are very few programs that can help you maintain peak fitness conditions, and not be worried about injuries and overtraining. TacFit is the only program that incorporates all these elements into its program so that you remain in peak physical condition at all times.

The TacFit Commando program is the brainchild of world renowned fitness coach, Scott Sonnon. The fitness programs that you get to do are designed exclusively for the American NAVY SEALS, the Israeli Counter Terrorism units and the Secret Service use. Shannon’s program is also used by the American Special Ops forces, US, Federal agents, Firemen, MMA fighters and other law enforcement agencies. You get to use the same training methods which involve high performance workouts that are not only intense and fast but can be done anywhere and at anytime you want to.

Both the military and the law enforcement personnel require their men to be in top physical condition at all times since they are expected to perform in extreme conditions every day. These guys do not get a chance to relax once they are on the field. This means their regimen must include techniques that will enable them to recover quickly from all the physical efforts and gat back to peak condition in order to perform again the next day.

According to a Special Ops veteran, TacFit Commando regimen is specific to what Special Operators call as Actions on Objectives. Putting your mind and body through this program is an exercise that is equivalent to that of honing a blade.
Unlike most fitness programs in the market, the TacFit Commando program is not weight loss program or a muscle toning program. It is a functional fitness program that has been designed exclusively to get you into top physical condition.

TACFIT Commando – Skill Levels Go Up

TacFit Commando is a very demanding physical training program that has been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of field combatants. This program helps you develop very high stamina levels, agility, great speeds and extraordinary physical strength along with quick and active recovery. The workouts incorporate movements that varied, improvised and unconventional. It also has the ability to enhance sophistication levels as your skill levels go up during the workouts.
The best part of this physical training program is that you will be able to develop lots of lean muscle mass that you normally find in an athlete or in a martial arts fighter. Scott Shannon displays an intimate knowledge of the human body. In the TacFit Commando program, he combines the biomechanical movements along with the physiological ability and the weaknesses of the body. This helps in conditioning the body to peak fitness levels.

Do Your Workouts Practically Anywhere

It does not matter whether you have access to any equipment or not because the TACFIT Commando workouts are based only on bodyweights. This means you can do your workouts practically anywhere, irrespective of whether you have access to a gym or not.
The exercises in the TacFit Commando program are not simple or easy. In fact these exercises will drive you pretty hard as some of the exercises can be very tough and challenging since they are different from the normal exercises that you come across in most fitness programs. No wonder, the results of this program are very different when compared to other fitness programs. As you progress with this program you will find that while most other fitness programs are focused on the looks, the TacFit program focuses on your ability. The focus in this program is more on increasing freedom of movement and at the same time enhance your functional strength.

The TACFIT Commando Program incorporates high intensity fat burning circuits, complex skills development, tactical applications, injury proofing and active recovery and building functional muscles.
TACFIT Commando – Basic and Deluxe Packages

The TacFit Commando program comes in two different packages. Namely: The Basic and Deluxe Packages.

The Basic Package comprises of: A Brief Handbook that teaches you the secrets used by the Special Ops forces to not only build great looking bodies but also develop peak physical strength. This package includes a video series that talks of the various Recuperation Strategies used by the Special Ops forces, A Mission Calendar, A video tutorial library that focuses on your goals.

If you thought the training style of athletes and weight trainers is the most gruesome then you should change that opinion. Tacfit commando is unlike any workout routine that you have ever come across. No wonder it is the most effective in terms of building body strength and endurance because Scott who is also known as the ‘Flow Coach’ has poured in months and years of practical experience in designing this routine. A few days into the routine you will see results for yourself, as you will slowly begin to realize that your body is gaining the strength of an officer in command.

The Deluxe Package comprises of: Follow Along Mission Simulation Videos – Quick Recovery & Breathing Secrets of the Special Ops. Tactical Readiness Diet Plan – Warrior Recipes Book. “In The Field” downloadable DVD.

Finally, when you subscribe to the TacFit Commando fitness program, it comes with a 60 day Money Back program. This means if you are not satisfied with the program, you will get a full refund.


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