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The Diet Solution Reviews: Diet and Fat Loss Program

If you’re looking for a diet program that doesn’t restrict you to pre-packaged diet foods that taste like cardboard, doesn’t make you exercise till you drop, and doesn’t call for a regimen of unhealthy artificial sweeteners and pharmaceuticals, then The Diet Solution is the program for you. Designed by Isabel De Los Rios, the front cover exhorts you to “Stop dieting, start eating, and start living!” And that sounds like a good way to approach a diet. And speaking of the front cover, is that Isabel’s picture? Wow! If that photo is any indication of The Diet Solution’s effectiveness, then it surely works wonders. The Diet Solution ProgramThe Diet Solution BookThe Diet Solution Reviews

Isabel is not just another diet hack—she’s an experienced nutrition and lifestyle coach who takes a holistic approach. Instead of creating a diet plan that like so many others, relies on a single focus of special foods or restrictive diets, Isabel’s plan combines good, common sense principles, including sound nutrition, managing your stress levels, staying physically fit, getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A wonderful thing about The Diet Solution is that right away, it acknowledges that not everybody is the same. What works for one person, may not work for another. One of the first things you do with The Diet Solution is determine your “metabolism type”, and this will help you decide which foods are best for you. This is a big step away from common diets that try to pigeonhole people into one single category.

There is a mental aspect to the plan as well. There’s no “magic pill” involved here, and you have to be mentally prepared to tackle what is ahead of you. Isabel helps you get in the right frame of mind to lose weight with a set of affirmations, commitment to achieve results, and belief in yourself.

Exercise Recommendations
Exercise is just one part of The Diet Solution, and it’s not even the main focus. In that respect, it’s a lot easier than other diets that impose unrealistic exercise regimens on time-strapped people. Seriously, how many people have time for 60-minute exercise sessions twice a day? The Diet Solution doesn’t try to impose any unrealistic exercise requirements.

The focus of The Diet Solution what’s in your head, and what you put in your stomach. Eating healthy, wholesome food makes you feel good and gives you energy, and the exercise part will eventually take care of itself as you drop the weight and feel more like getting out and doing things.

Isabel does offer some worthwhile information about exercise though, and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not going to be that hard. She explains why the popular strategy of moderately paced but long duration aerobic exercise isn’t really all that helpful, and actually may be detrimental to your weight loss plan. Instead, she recommends more of a high-intensity resistance training, with 15 minute workouts two or three times a week.

Diet Recommendations
Right away, Isabel busts a lot of misconceptions and commonly-held beliefs. Calorie-counting doesn’t work that well for long-term weight loss, and a constant focus on counting every single calorie is counter-effective. She says that carbohydrates are “not the enemy”—so you don’t have to be afraid of a piece of bread of a baked potato every now and then, and she even goes on the attack against certain “health foods” that are nothing of the sort—and which actually encourage your body to produce and store more fat. Finally—and we really like this part—she says you “must eat lots of food”. It’s not in limiting quantity that you will achieve success, but rather, in controlling the quality and type of foods you eat.

You will have to create a daily meal plan, which will take some hard work and dedication, but the book gives you plenty of guidance to get this process started. And once you see what you’re allowed to eat, you’ll agree that it’s not going to be that hard after all—and you won’t feel restricted in the least. In fact, you’ll probably enjoy eating more than you ever have! And in fact, not only do you get three meals a day, you also get between-meal snacks.

Isabel advocates natural foods, and rails against packaged and frozen foods, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup. And all those processed “health foods” that come in packages (soy burgers, veggie burgers, etc. that usually taste like ground cardboard)? Forget it—highly processed soy products are off the menu.


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